Saito is a Paradigm Shift in Blockchain

Saito approaches blockchain security from an entirely new perspective: given that all forms of difficulty are reducible to economics, why not skip “mining” and “staking” and just find a way to guarantee that producing blocks is always expensive? Can we create a mechanism where honest nodes produce blocks for free but attackers are forced to burn money to do the same?

Solving this puzzle requires answering fundamental questions on the economic level that other blockchains cannot address: what is the value of work to the network; and how can we drive the price for different forms of it down to market levels? The strength of the Saito solution is shown by the way its answers elegantly solve “foundational” problems like the 51% attack and the “scalability trilemma”.


Saito Arcade

Play Games on Testnet

Browning Testnet is Live

The easiest, and most fun, way to get started is to come and play a game.

All our boardgames are fully featured and fully on chain. Head over, and find a game, or challenge a friend.

Saito creates an in-browser wallet suitable for mobile and desktop, and our token faucet will get you started. No metamask, no worries.


The Saito Social - Podcast

Latest Episodes

Saito has a remarkable team that has inspired us...

Roger Lim, Founding Partner, NEO Global Capital

Pay attention to these guys...

Li Xiaolai, Founder, INBlockchain

Interesting idea. Are you planning to fork Bitcoin and add this?

Bobby Lee, Founder BTCC - Board of Directors Bitcoin Foundation

Want to go deeper?

Near Protocol Whiteboard Series

A Deep Dive into
Blockchain and Saito

Friend of the project Illia Polosukhin from Near Protocol came into the Saitoplex to talk to David and Richard about Saito and how it works.

This is a long conversation that goes deep into blockchain scaling, security and design.

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